Why Pakistan was put on the ‘red list’, 34 members of the British Parliament announced


ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk / NNI) – The 34-member parliament has written a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the issue of red-listing Pakistan and Bangladesh. According to details, 34 members of the British Parliament have written a letter to the Prime Minister drawing attention to the fact that the red listing of Pakistan and Bangladesh will affect British citizens, there are more than 1.1 million Pakistanis living in the UK. There was no clear justification for putting Pakistan on the red list. Private TVA RYK

According to him, there are serious concerns about the procedure for being included in the red list. He said in the letter that the infection rate in Pakistan is even lower than in the United Kingdom. After Naz Shah, another British MP sought clarification on putting Pakistan on the red list. The letter said that we should be told on what evidence Pakistan and Bangladesh were put on the red list, and also when the red list would be reviewed. Earlier, James Firth, a former member of the British Parliament, told Pakistan James Firth wrote a letter to British Foreign Secretary Preity Patel asking that the situation in Corona be worse than in Pakistan in India, France, Germany and the UK itself. For what reasons was added to the red list. According to a former member of the British Parliament, travel restrictions have increased the problems of British citizens of Pakistani origin. Many people in my constituency are from Pakistan who would like to go to Pakistan on the occasion of Ramadan but the government’s decision will increase their problems. The UK has added Pakistan to the red list because of Corona. In addition to Pakistan, Kenya, Bangladesh and the Philippines are also on the red list. According to the British media, the ban on those coming to the UK from the countries included in the red list will be applicable from April 9. On the other hand, British boxers of Pakistani origin will be allowed to come to the UK. Aamir Khan offered help to the Pakistani government to bring back Pakistanis stranded in the UK. In a video message released on social media site Twitter, Aamir Khan said that he was in touch with the Pakistani authorities to bring back the people stranded in Pakistan. He said that he would talk to Zulfi Bukhari again today to run charter flights. Boxer Aamir Khan said efforts were being made to bring British Pakistanis back to Pakistan on April 9. It should be noted that the UK has included Pakistan in the red list of travel bans. It will be allowed. Note that due to the British red list, no non-British citizen will be able to enter the UK after April 9.

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