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Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two Sha’ban al-Mu’azzam, after the Fajr prayers, these short surahs have been recited seventeen times.


The mercy of Allah will surely rain down on you like a downpour. Whenever you have to do something, you have to do something, so you must be sure. The first thing is that you must be sure that I will do this for some purpose, I will do this for some need, then Allah Almighty will help me

He will make me rich with his blessings and blessings, that is, whatever I ask from Allah, Allah will grant me. You must be sure of this, because there is great power in the Holy Word of Allah and it is very effective. If you read the Holy Qur’an and ask Allah for something, you will get it as long as it is halal and not haram, that is, whatever you ask from Allah, ask in a halal way. If we have to do any wazifa, then we have to observe the obligatory prayers. Prayer is obligatory on all of us Muslims anyway. We must all observe the obligatory prayers, as well as the five daily prayers. This benefit can be done by those who have a great need, a great need, a desire, a purpose and they want.

Before our dhikr is mentioned, let me tell you a short story that this servant intended to do good deeds, so Allah (swt) rewarded him. He had listened to his every prayer on purpose and Allah had rewarded him according to what he wanted, so before going to the endowment, I request you to say that these things must be related to the endowment. Will listen so that you can benefit a lot from this scholarship.

If you keep a good mind, then Allah will bless you. Recite it slowly and with satisfaction so that you will enjoy praying. This action is to be recited between the Sunnah and the duty of Fajr. In order to fulfill the need, whatever is your need, whatever is your desire, you have to keep this need in your mind. You have to recite Surah Al-Fatihah forty-one times and then you have to perform two duties.

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