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Top 10 Tips For Getting A Perfect Lash Lift

LashBox is a finished lash lift line. It is the ideal lash lift for those with normally long lashes who are looking for some dramatization! LashBox is not difficult to use and twists the lashes for an ideal lift effect! Contact Lashboxla for Lash Extension Retail

Indeed, it’s so natural to use in light of the fact that Lash Affair has an impeccable preparation! They have an internet preparation to guarantee that you can give the ideal eyelash lift on every client! It’s such a solid preparation program that we used it to create our 10 step guide to a perfect eyelash lift!

1. Cleanse with TLC Cleanser

Clean the lashes and the surrounding area with Lash Affair’s TLC Cleanser. This 3-in-1 cleanser is incredible for removing cosmetics, as well as every day cleansing for skin and planning for ModesTease lash lift.

2. Apply the pretreatment

Apply the LashBox pretreatment using a Flocked Foot Applicator to prepare the mega lashes. Pass a Lash Wand over the lashes to allow them to dry before applying the gel pads.

3. Apply LashBox

Apply a little ModesTease adhesive to the back of the picked Curl-Setting Shield and attach it to the eyelid at the base of the lashes.

4. Apply glue to the top of the shield + lift the lashes onto the shield.

Apply the LashBox to the top of the shield in small areas. While applying the glue, use the Metal Lash Lift Tool to lift the lashes onto the guard. Make sure the lashes adhere well to the protector and are well insulated before proceeding to the next step.

5. Apply Glue Lift Cream

Apply ModesTease Step 1 Lift Cream from the base of the lash to about ¾ of the lash. Stay away from the tips of the lashes as this can lead to breakage or overuse. Trust that the Lift Cream will measure up (add 1-2 minutes for thicker lashes).

6. Apply the LashBox Lift Cream using a Flocked Foot Applicator.

7. Apply the Neutralize Cream

Apply ModesTease Step 2 Neutralize Cream using a Flocked Foot Applicator. Wait 6-8 minutes and remove the cream using the Flocked Foot Applicator.

Step #8

Use water-soaked q-tips to remove all build-up and gently rub lashes to remove ModesTease adhesive and release lashes from ModesTease Curl-Setting Shields.

Step 9

Apply moisturising serum

Using the lash handle from the prep step, brush lashes and use a new lash handle to apply the ModesTease Moisturising Serum for healthy, sparkling lashes.

Step 10

Adjust the style of the lashes with ModesTease Lash Fixer using a new Lash Wand.


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