The United States and Iran have agreed to set up a “working group” on the nuclear deal, a major step forward


Vienna (NNI) – The first round of indirect talks on a global nuclear deal between the United States and Iran in Vienna, Austria, has been successfully completed. The first round of indirect talks on the withdrawal of the IAEA, which was attended by other parties to the nuclear deal, has been completed. All parties involved in the talks focused on Iran

In separate statements, the United States and Iran said they did not expect any immediate success, but that initial talks had been positive and the future was positive. The two countries will continue to make progress in a positive way. Tensions between the United States and Iran have been high since 2018, leading to tensions in the region, which the European Union has stepped in and a joint meeting with the two countries in Vienna. Hanso has brought together all the member countries of the Plan of Action. It should be noted that the global nuclear deal was signed in 2015 under Barack Obama and Trump separated from it in 2018. Other parties to the agreement include Russia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Iran’s deputy foreign minister told state television after the meeting that the two countries would discuss ways to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan (JCPOA). “The talks in Vienna were constructive. Our next meeting will be on Friday,” said Abbas Araghchi, who led the Iranian delegation to Vienna, which was unilaterally abandoned by former US President Donald Trump in May 2018. Referring to a recent offer by the United States to Iran, he said: “We agree to any agreement on the release of one billion dollars from Iran (frozen in South Korea) in exchange for a 20% uranium enrichment halt. Russia’s envoy, Mikhail Ilyanov, said on social networking site Twitter that the meeting was a success. He said the restoration of the JCPOA would not be immediate, it would take some time but for how long. up to? nobody knows.

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