The government is preparing to implement a complete lockdown in Lahore


LAHORE: The Punjab Health Department has prepared recommendations to extend lockdown in the city and tighten restrictions following the increase in the number of cases of corona. The Anti-Cabinet Committee on Corona headed by Provincial Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid An important meeting was held. Recommendations were made by the Health Department to further extend the ongoing partial lockdown in eight districts of Punjab including Lahore. The health department has recommended to the committee to hold more lockdowns in Lahore for 14 days.

In view of the increasing rate of cases, the partial lockdown may be extended while recommendations were also made in the meeting to tighten the lockdown inside Lahore. Sources said that the members of the committee unanimously agreed that The lockdown should be extended for another 14 days on which the committee decided that the decision would be taken after sending these recommendations to the NCOC. Earlier, the government had ordered partial lockdown inside Lahore till April 11. In which the market was closed at 6 o’clock, public transport was closed and the wedding hall and the park were kept closed while indoor and outdoor dining in the restaurant was also banned. Due to this, the health system has come under immense pressure. Strict measures have to be taken to control corona. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said that the rate of positive cases of corona has increased from 15% in five cities of Punjab. The rate of positive cases in Lahore has increased from 19%. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar further said that in government hospitals in Lahore He said that almost all the ventilators allotted for Corona patients have been used. He said that the government was using all its resources and taking possible measures for Corona patients. Wearing a mask can prevent corona. It is not safe to come out of the house without a mask.

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