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The gift of putting love in someone’s heart


In this article, an action is presented which is for those who want to win someone’s heart and mind. People who want to put their legitimate love in someone’s heart, then this action is theirs. This is a simple but very powerful process, even in a day

He brings the beloved – and the beloved goes mad in love, just takes your name all the time and follows you, to whom many people have said, “Pir sahib, what has the beloved said?” The man is not happy under any circumstances. In any case, the action is very powerful. Take care of the permissible places. The action should be performed before going to bed at night. This verse will be found in verse 30 of Surah Yusuf. 11 times Durood Sharif 11 times This verse is to be recited 11 times in one breath. Take a deep breath. Read it 11 times. Exhale. Then take a long breath and recite it 11 times. Then in the third breath also. Keep it – at the end, recite Durood Sharif 11 times – keep one time and place daily. It is generally permissible for everyone. The other way of doing this is as follows:

Lie down on your bed and imagine your beloved. After you read this process, within 21 to 40 days, your beloved will be forced to contact you. Insha’Allah, the number of readings. According to the alphabet, whatever numbers are formed, read the number of actions every day. After reading the action, just be silent and immerse yourself in the imagination of the beloved and go to sleep. See the charisma of this action. You can’t keep praising. You can’t get such an invaluable deed even after spending millions of rupees. He has told you for free today that whoever succeeds, prays for the rights of his dead parents: This is the verse. He falls in love with what he likes. Often this love is one sided. Man finds it difficult to find his love

Has been working hard. Sometimes he is seen sifting dust in the deserts, sometimes he cuts mountains and builds a canal of milk. Love compels man to such an extent that he makes every effort to attain his love without caring about the outcome. Some people seek true love and resort to many strict forms of worship and charity for it. But they do not achieve their goal, mainly because they do not value the love of human beings. Nature has instilled in human nature to love another human being. When you go against your nature, you cannot succeed. In fact, only virtual love leads to real love. There is a need for some deliberation. May Allah be our supporter and helper. Amen

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