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The benefits of Zakat of the Holy Qur’an, every trouble will end


It has been proven to ask for forgiveness from the Holy Prophet (saw) seventy times a day and in another narration a hundred times, so it is permissible to encourage someone to do so. There are great virtues in the hadiths regarding reciting the Holy Qur’an. As far as reading (as far as we know) in a hadith

The specific number has not been fixed, but the elders have stated different numbers for different needs in the light of their experiences, they can be followed, but it would not be correct to consider this specific number as necessary or necessary. Or an experienced and tried process of recalling a grieving wife if someone’s child or other member of the family has gone missing or has gone to an unknown place out of anger at home. If the country is settled, the family has no worries, if he does not take the name of coming, then through this blessed act of the verse, his return can be ensured one hundred percent. InshaAllah, I have experienced how effective this action is. The way to do it is to be a five-time worshiper.

Set one place and one time. The doer closes his eyes and recites Durood-e-Ibrahim seven times. There is no god but Allah. I am one of the wrongdoers. Recite a whole Tasbeeh (one hundred grains). After the Tasbeeh is completed, blow on the face and chest of this child (missing person) in your imagination. Thus, eleven times in total Repeat this process by reciting the action 3 times each time, and blow each time in the imagination on the face and chest of the child (wanted), my God willing, the heart of the missing child (wanted) will start to be affected from the first day. It will be done, after completing the process, pray for a while, the same process can be done to celebrate the grieving husband or wife, God willing, positive results will come out, and if someone fights through magic. If the foundation of the dispute has been laid, then Allah Almighty will also remove the effect of sorcery. Hazrat Abu Huraira’s statement

It is narrated that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) narrated from his Lord: A servant committed a sin and then said (in the presence of Allaah): O Allaah! Forgive my sin, Allah Almighty said: My servant has committed a sin and he is sure that his Lord forgives the sin and also grasps the sin, (so Allah forgives him). Again the servant sins and says: O my Lord! Forgive my sin, Allah Almighty says: My servant has sinned

And he is sure that his Lord forgives sins and takes hold of sins, (so He forgives him again) that servant sins again and says: O my Lord! Forgive me my sin. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): My slave has sinned, and he is sure that his Lord forgives sins and reproaches sins. Do whatever you will. Forgive you, the narrator of the hadith Abdul Laali said, “I do not remember you saying for the third or fourth time: Do whatever you want. May Allah be our supporter and helper.

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