The appointment of like-minded people in model educational institutions has been revealed. The teacher has been appointed as the head of a large educational institution


ISLAMABAD: It has been revealed that in the appointments of the heads of model educational institutions run by the Federal Directorate of Education, meritorious persons have been awarded instead of merit. In the recent appointments made on April 6 after conducting regular interviews by the FDE, the eighth most senior teacher has been appointed as the head of a major educational institution, ignoring the six most senior teachers. The best precedent for FDE authorities to ignore senior teachers at large educational institutions and hand them over to junior teachers.

Record-breaking institutions are on the brink of collapse. According to details, the process of awarding teachers of their choice in the appointments of heads of model educational institutions run by the Federal Directorate of Education is still going on. The presence of Director Model Colleges Aftab Tariq as a committee member and candidate in the standing committee for appointment of principals of model colleges has further aggravated the issue. The new appointments made by the FDE on April 6 in three major educational institutions not only bypassed the existing law of seniority low fitness establishment division but also preferred personal affiliation and compliments in recent appointments instead of fitness. In recent appointments, Dr. Asad Faiz has been posted as Model College for Boys F8 Four to F-11 Three, Mohammad Ehsanul Haq has been posted as F-10 Three to F8 Four while Iftikhar Shahbaz has been posted as Model College for Boys I Eight Four from ICB. The proposed appointments ignore six senior teachers who are not only top notch in seniority but also have a better performance record than other newly appointed teachers. Talking to online, the senior teachers alleged that the recent appointments made by the FDE authorities on the basis of dislike have not only deprived the senior teachers of their rights but also handed over the major educational institutions to the junior teachers. Aftab Tariq, director, Model Colleges, FDE, when contacted online, admitted that a three-member committee had been set up to appoint the principals. As well as joining, I have been a part of this process as a candidate. However, he clarified that despite being a committee member, not being present in the new appointments shows my neutrality. Director Model Colleges FDE said that we do not have any post of principal in model colleges setup. The appointment of the heads of the institutions is at the discretion of the Director General who is exercising his authority in the best possible way. In the recent appointments, the formula of seniority-less fitness has been followed and only the candidate who gets higher marks has been appointed as the principal.

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