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Seeing the month of Ramadan, it is necessary to do this one thing


A woman came to the service of Imam Ali (RA) and started begging or Ali (RA) does not respect me in my house. My children have started disobeying me. My husbands insult me ​​and nowadays our situation is worse. What should I do?

Imam Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said: When the moon of Ramadan appears in the sky, recite Surah Al-Fatihah twenty-one times and pray for yourself, because when the moon of Ramadan appears, Allah opens the gates of Paradise and He closes the doors and with it Allah accepts every supplication that is asked at that time. In the hadith of Hazrat Ayesha it is also proved from him that he used to fast most of Sha’ban but in some traditions it is said that Fasting the whole of Sha’ban indicates that you should prepare for it by fasting before the arrival of this month. That is why some scholars have stated the secret of fasting Sha’ban and its wisdom: They are to prepare themselves, as is the case with Sunnahs before the duties, and the same wisdom has been adopted by the Salaf scholars. They used to prepare for Ramadan in different ways.

They used to fast the whole of Sha’ban or most of Sha’ban, and some of them used to prepare the recitation by engaging in the Qur’an. That is why Ibn Rajab mentioned that some of the Salaf Imams used to recite most of the Qur’an in Sha’ban. He used to recite so much that when Ramadan came he would be ready with all his heart and soul and his heart would be full of passion for reciting the word of Allah, and some of the Salaf Imams would prepare in such a way that they would be six months from the arrival of Ramadan Already pray to Allah Almighty to bring them well and well until Ramadan.

It is mentioned in the hadith of Hazrat Anas, although there is an article in his hadith that when Rajab started, he would say: O Allah, bless us in Rajab and Sha’ban and bring us to Ramadan. These are the methods adopted by the Salaf and the books. The medicine of knowledgeable people saved them, so we should keep in mind that the opportunity has not been missed yet, even if one has not prepared for Ramadan in this way before, now is the time to be sincere. This work does not require much hard work, long and hard work, but only good intentions and determination. We will surely show the way to those who have worked hard for us. May Allah be our supporter and helper. Amen.

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