Rising debts due to a weak economy put national security at stake


Lahore (NNI) Business leader and member of the board of directors of Pakistan Stone Development Company Khadim Hussain has said that rising debts due to weak economy have put the country’s security at stake. Real reforms should be brought because the economy is far from a breakthrough. Due to the weak economy, conditions of other countries and international organizations are being accepted which are against the national interest and a cause of concern for the business community. Nat in the country

Due to the imposition of new taxes, rising prices of electricity and gas and recovery of revolving loans from electricity consumers, the rising cost of production in the industrial sector has led to a sharp rise in commodity prices and soaring prices in the country. He expressed these views while talking to a delegation of businessmen of Ferozepur Board. Khadim Hussain said that the government sometimes improves one sector through packages and subsidies of billions of rupees and sometimes develops another sector but our economy is worth anything. Zikr is far from a breakthrough because economic growth has never been a top priority. He said that in most countries of the world, a weak economy is the backdrop of most conflicts and political turmoil. The concept of national security without economic security. It is impossible. History has shown that the most powerful countries have been torn apart due to weak economies. He said that the government needs to give top priority to the promotion of industrialization, economic self-sufficiency and public welfare to set priorities for the development of the industrial sector. It is necessary .

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