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According to ancient Greek philosophy, a horse was a donkey before it became a horse. Some of the donkeys started their journey and they gradually became horses, while those who are left behind are still donkeys. Blessed is you, if you start tourism, you become Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo in spite of all your incompetence, laziness and laziness and people follow your example for centuries. Our group Ibex does the same. In the lure of becoming horses, we travel from country to country. Although we have not yet become complete horses, but we have not become donkeys due to the blessings of travel. Our eyes will continue to open.

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Our group went to Turkey five times during the Corona. Believe me, Turkey surprised us. “Even in small villages we did not see anyone without a mask and no one shaking hands with anyone. The whole country seemed to follow SOPs. This was a situation whereas on the other hand Turkey Even during Corona, the tourism industry was not shut down. Turkish Airlines continued to operate and hotels, restaurants and museums remained open for tourists in Turkey. We went to Konya in February. There was a lockdown in Konya. But we were walking around the city and Maulana Rome’s mausoleum was opened for us. Tourists could also go anywhere in Lockdown by showing their passports. The government had also opened hotels operating SOPs. “The Turkish government has now started vaccinating all those involved in tourism from April 7 to bring the tourism industry back to 2018,” he said.

In April, it will vaccinate tourism company workers, guides, restaurant employees, hotel staff and museum workers. Indonesia will also allow private companies to import vaccines from tomorrow and make its workers corona-free, after which Indonesian companies will order vaccines for themselves and their own. These are two examples. They are both from the brotherly Islamic countries and they are for Asad Omar.

Yesterday two of my friends sent me some suggestions regarding corona vaccine in Pakistan. The first package of suggestions was sent by Rana Tariq Mehboob. He is running a garment brand called Royal Tag and he is also the President of Retailers Association of Pakistan. ‘Association has 21,000 members’ Rana says there are two types of markets in the country’ Malls and Bano Bazaar type narrow markets’ There is a difference in the approach of both during Corona ‘All malls in the country follow Corona SOPs While the small markets are not caring for them but the government has closed both of them for two days a week ie in the eyes of the government those who follow SOPs and those who do not are equal.

The government should allow those who follow SOPs to do business and close markets where precautions are not being taken so that corona can be stopped and business can continue. ‘The second textile industry is the main industry of the country.’ We are meeting the demand of the country and also exporting but this industry was most affected in Corona due to which the economy of the whole country is stagnating. The government should make special arrangements for vaccines for the textile industry. So that we can save this industry by vaccinating our workers.

If the government can’t do that, then let us import vaccines for our industry and allow our workers to be vaccinated. The brands in the textile industry that vaccinate their people are called “corona free or cod vaccinated” by the government. Issue the head certificate and allow them to work after that. They should be taken out from under the sword of lockdown again and whoever does not do so should be shut down, ”said Rana Sahib. Vaccines can also be ordered at a cost.

We do not want to be a burden on the exchequer but the industry cannot afford a vaccine of Rs 12,000 per person. If my factory employs five hundred people and I vaccinate them, I need Rs 6.25 million. If I include the families of the people, their number will go up to two and a half thousand and the expenses will be Rs. 31.25 million and this will obviously be a big amount for me but if the government gives me the vaccine at the import rate. So I will bear this burden and in this way my industry and the entire country’s economy will be saved.

These were the suggestions of Rana Tariq Mehboob. The second package of suggestions was presented by the President of Al-Khidmat Foundation Muhammad Abdul Shakoor. Shakoor also wrote a letter to Asad Umar. Al-Khidmat wants to be a part of the government’s vaccination campaign. There is no way out and escape from Corona other than the Nation and the government will not be able to do it alone as we offer our services to the government, ”Shakur said. Allow vaccines to be imported on a regular basis, import vaccines under the supervision of the government with your own money and then start administering them to the public.

The government should call for vaccines from the Ehsas Fund for the poor people registered in the Ehsas program and this vaccine should also be given to poor families through NGOs and their third suggestion is that educational institutions in the country are closed due to Corona. The government should allow them to import vaccines on non-commercial basis so that they can vaccinate their staff and teachers so that schools, colleges and universities can open in the country. Like Rana Tariq Mehboob, Asad Umar and Dr Faisal Want to meet Sultan but maybe Asad Umar and Dr. Faisal Sultan have less time so they are waiting for them to finish.

We must now acknowledge that Corona is a bigger problem than our state machinery. The state that has not been able to control traffic till date will control Corona dust. So Pakistan has entered Corona’s red zone. Corona rate in Punjab is 12%. Sindh 11%, KPK 28% in Peshawar, Nowshera 19%, Buner 16%, Mardan and Malakand 12% and Bajaur, Charsadda and Swabi 11% and no one knows the rate of Balochistan. Why? Because there are no tests.

These figures are very alarming. The government started vaccinating on February 3, 2021, but we have vaccinated barely 900,000 people in 65 days and it is only 0.4% of the total population. So we will not be able to vaccinate the entire population in the next five years and what will be the state of our economy and society by then? We can appreciate that the government should take the help of this industry and NGOs.

China should fix the price of vaccines from Russia and the United States and hand over the issue of vaccines to the private sector. Companies and NGOs should call for vaccines and start administering them to their workers and the public. He should be issued a certificate of Corona Free and the institution can continue its work or business while the institution or person of the country who does not get vaccinated will be confined to his home by the government. He will be locked down. In a few months, the whole country will be able to open.

The government must make masks mandatory. Anyone among us who does not wear a mask should be heavily fined. However, the government should start from its own level. Our ministers, parliamentarians and government officials also do not wear masks. We have to change this attitude anyway, otherwise the time is not far when the world will open and we will close and no one will enter our country and will not allow us to enter. If we want to avoid this end, then the government And the private sector has to work together, so I ask Asad Omar to include the private sector with you. This is an improvement. If the government delays it, then we can all work together. Will not be able to compete.

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