Recite the two names of Allah one day in a whole week, then see the perfection, the great reward of abundance in provision.


Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also instructed Hazrat Fatima (RA) to recite these names. And he said: These are the names of Allah, Who has the Presence. Be sure to read them in the morning and evening. Aka Brain says that if these deeds are read in this way, then many benefits have been mentioned in it. You will get them. It is mentioned with reference to Tuesday that those who are in the presence of God and in the name of Allah who

Hay Yaqyum ”is what you have to read. At any time of the day on Tuesday, you have to recite the name “Ya Hai Ya Qayyum” a thousand times. It is also referred to as Hai or Qayyum. It is also a great name. Whoever sits in one place on Tuesday will recite Durood three times first and last. After that he will recite “Ya Hai Yaqoom”. With reference to his virtue, it is said that if he becomes ill, Allah Almighty will grant him healing. There is some healing that makes a person feel a little better. But by perfect healing, Allah will grant him complete healing. You have to read Hai or Qayyum a thousand times. If you want, fill a glass with water. Blow on it and drink it. And feed all the family. There will be even more benefits, God willing. Whoever reads it a thousand times will be blessed. Inshallah, if the sick person reads it, then the sick person will be cured. He will drink it himself, Allah will prolong his life. And Allah Almighty will say more about the spiritual power in it. If he recites it on the occasion of a severe need, then he should recite it at the appointed time and after reciting Durood-e-Pak first and last, he should seek his need from Allah. Insha’Allah, Allah will fulfill his need.

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