Rebellion erupts in PTI, we are with Jahangir Tareen, not 35 MLAs


Lahore (Monitoring + NNI) Jehangir Tareen, not disloyalty, abuse should be stopped, this was said by Punjab Assembly member Khurram Leghari while talking in a program on a private TV channel, he said that the government should inquire. Explain why the accounts of Jahangir Tareen were frozen. He said that we are not with PTI but with Jahangir Tareen. We have 30 to 35 members of the assembly including provincial ministers. Khurram Leghari said that we support Jahangir Tareen. But no one can ask us, we are theirs

We will agree with every decision, we will follow their decisions. In the case of fake bank accounts in Sugar Mills, the Banking Court extended the interim bail of Jahangir Tareen and his son Ali Tareen till April 10 and stopped the FIA ​​from arresting them. Jahangir Tareen and Ali Tareen along with their lawyers in Lahore. The hearing was adjourned till April 10 due to unavailability of a judge of the banking court. Provincial ministers, members of the National and Provincial Assemblies appeared with him on the occasion of Jahangir Tareen’s court appearance. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Provincial Ministers Noman Langarial, Nazir Baloch, Raja Riaz, Suleiman Naeem, Ghulam Bibi Bharwana, Khurram Leghari, Chaudhry Iftikhar Gondal, Aslam Bharwana, Tahir Randhawa and Amir Muhammad Khan along with others appeared along with Jahangir Khan Tareen and his son. It has been reported that all the personalities also gathered at the residence of Jahangir Tareen in Lahore. PTI leader Jahangir Tareen complained to Prime Minister Imran Khan that his loyalty was being tested. He was a friend. Why is he being pushed towards enmity? Why retaliation? Loyalty is being tested for a year. Only Jahangir Tareen has been seen in all sugar mills. Talking to media in Lahore, Jahangir Tareen said that not one but 3 FIRs have been registered against him. I have been silent for a year now, oppression is on the rise, out of 80 sugar mills in the country, they saw only Jahangir Tareen, I ask why this revenge is taking place, what is the reason? My loyalty is being tested. Jahangir Tareen said that they are seeking justice from PTI, my and my son’s accounts have been frozen, why the accounts have been frozen, what is the use of it, who is doing it? It is time to expose the retaliation, join PTI and I will stay, my ways are not separated from PTI. He said that these are my questions that need to be answered, we want justice from PTI. Demand Jahangir Tareen said that the time has come for Prime Minister Imran Khan, sincere voters and other leaders to expose the conspiratorial elements. Separating me will not benefit the PTI much.

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