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Miraculous process, read these three words on the go, no matter how difficult it is, it will be solved immediately.


There is a word in the Qur’an, there is a letter, there is a lot of power in this name, how many letters come in it, ah, f, this is a combination of three letters, this word, thirty virtues, then by reading it, one got a job with it. It happens that a person does it with intention. Belief works. There are such miracles of reading it that people see it with their own eyes. If you also read this word Kahf with your own eyes and see it with certainty, then you also do miracles with your own eyes. You see, if you don’t sell people’s houses, it takes a lot of effort.

There is a shop, there is a house, it is not selling. Write a cave around it with your fingers. Write a cave five times or write a cave seven times. Writing is a complete word. Not writing separately. There is a lot of power in this word. I have pain in any part of you. Write Kahf seven times with your finger on this part. A man had severe pain in his back – he wrote Kahf seven times on this place and at that time the pain disappeared from this place so that It has not happened again till today. Not only in the back, but also in the muscles in the head, wherever there is pain in any part of the body. Write with your finger. Any illiterate person can write. There is no condition for ablution.

The only condition for a perfect belief is that there should be certainty. Medicine is also used. Believing that if I take this medicine, it will lead to prosperity. Instead, write this word with certainty. There are children to protect their faces. Write Kahf with your fingers on your hands and arms. Children, do as many mischiefs as you want. Play, jump. Insha’Allah, they will never have any problem. They will not get hurt. Be sure to write this word in the Qur’an.

And if you hold your breath and recite it eleven times with perfect faith, then you will see miracles with your eyes, you will get so much benefit, your every need will be met, every problem will be solved, you must read it. Pay attention to the rights of worshipers must fulfill and also take care of the rights of God, because God never likes the one who destroys rights, on the Day of Resurrection, God will forgive his rights, but the rights of worshipers, that is, the rights of God’s creatures that you did not pay. They will not be forgiven, you will be punished for them and these rights will be paid for by your good deeds. May Allah be our supporter and helper. Amen

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