Lust also made the blood white, the uncles robbed their niece of her honor


Makoana (NNI) uncles lured their niece and robbed her of her honor and also tortured her. According to the details, uncles of Jaranwala Mohalla Wariam Nagar Street No. 3 lured and abused her niece. Rescue 1122 shifted to Civil Hospital Jaranwala to provide medical aid to the injured. On the other hand, instead of doctors at Jaranwala Private Ali General Hospital, the woman went to the valley of death due to the experiments of unqualified staff. Road block against heirs’ hospital management

After a fierce protest, 4 unidentified persons went out in front of us in the doctor’s room and operated on my sister while consoling us till late at night. When her condition deteriorated, her sister passed away. According to the details, Adeel Yousuf 127 GB Street No. 6 took a stand in the application to City Police Station that he brought his sister Faiza Kanwal for delivery on Ali General Hospital, Faisalabad Road, where Dr. Mahosh asked us for Rs 20,000 for the operation. At the same time 4 people who can be identified when they come forward went to the operating theater to operate on my sister and started consoling us that we have spent our whole life in this work. We consoled the operation. Will forgive Later, my sister Faiza Kanwal’s condition deteriorated and the above accused took us to Allied Hospital by ambulance where my sister died. The petitioner asked Dr. Israr Ahmed, Lady Dr. Tahira Israr, Dr. Mahosh and 4 others Has requested action against.

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