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Even an impossible need will be possible in just one night.


The Holy Prophet (sws) said: Everything has a heart and the heart of the Holy Qur’an is Surah Yaseen. Many virtues of Surah Yaseen have been mentioned in the hadiths and the method of ruling by Allah Almighty has also been described in this Surah. There are many virtues of Allah and the Holy Prophet (sws) said: My heart desires that every member of my ummah should recite this Surah every morning and this Surah should be in the heart of every member of my ummah. Glory be to Him. Is-

That when he intends something, he tells him that if it happens, it happens. The word is the first and the word is the end. The word of the Lord is “Kun” and the first word for man is “Iqra”. The word of the Lord was for the universe and for everything in time and space. And the word of man was for man. Acting on it is not only the first and basic duty of man, but it is the alphabet that is the basis of all actions and all ideas. Iqra is the name of recognition, after reading it is the name of faith. We do not see the word, we do not see the meaning, we do not descend into it, we believe in it without seeing it. Wrapped in a precious bag and placed on a high place.

They close their eyes and circumambulate it. Touching it with their hands makes it difficult for them to think about it. If going down into the heart was the biggest way to dedicate oneself, then what is the need of a book? The book is for us to read again and again and find new meanings every time, then we will have new meanings and timely guidance in it. The sanctity of the word is that whoever reads it should know that this revelation is for him at that time in his heart. Has been revealed to. In every letter of Allah there is a world of meaning

Which our thinking cannot even cover. We derive meaning from it only to the best of our ability. Then there are many meanings that can be hidden in the letter of a person who is a reflection of the light of Allah. Well, this is a very broad subject. Whatever he does, he should abstain, that is, he should not eat meat, eggs, raw garlic or onions.

Qan Faqun’s stipend is given for every need if there is no job or visa issue. Having no children. The purpose of the wazifa is to offer twelve rak’ats of Nafl prayers after Isha on Thursday night and then recite Durood Sharif twelve times.

And recite the following verse twelve hundred times with the intention of saying, May Allah bless him with the same formula till the day. By the command of Allah, he will fulfill the most difficult need. He can recite it for every legitimate purpose. May Allah be our supporter and helper.

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