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Do Surah Al-Fatiha only 7 times. Twin sons have not had children for 15 years.


The process we are going to tell you about today is the conditional process of having children. This process is the ultimate solution to all kinds of problems of infertility. Thanks to this process, the swings of childless couples who have been childless for thirty years are full. Were There are many more benefits to this process. Such as spiritual sustenance

Achievements China Blessings There will be a wonderful increase in peace and an immediate solution to impossible problems. Children are a great blessing of God Almighty. The guardian of the virtues of the parents is the interpretation of their dreams. If there are no children, the house seems dark. The authority to give children is not a question of Allah Almighty. He gives a son or a daughter to whomever He wills. The real emperor is the one whom the government wants to give as the kings give outward kingship. Children are a blessing whose value and status can only be assessed by those who are deprived of this blessing. Probably not having children is not as much a cause of emotional deprivation as social attitudes, people’s questions, satire and advice. Women are the most susceptible to such negative social attitudes. They are told that science has progressed and many methods are being used. Think about it. Women get depressed when they hear things

Women should not allow themselves to be depressed at all. Have full faith in Allah Almighty and continue the benefit of the Surah we are told. May Allah fill your swings with joy. How to perform this process can be done in two ways. Husbands and wives can do this, either. In addition, you can read with the intention of someone. The first way to do this is to look at the moon after Isha for seven days from the thirteenth to the nineteenth of every month. Recite Surah Al-Shams 41 times with Tasmiyah. Do this for seven days every month. With the blessings of this process, he will surely give children. This process has to be done with full faith and attention. Method number two explains this process in both ways as you see fit. the second

The method is that there is no need to look at the moon and there is no need to date the moon. Do this for a whole month whenever you want. Recite Surah Al-Shams forty times daily in the morning and evening with Tasmiyyah, that is, with Bismillah. Do this daily for a few months until the goal is achieved. Until the goal is achieved, you have to continue doing this. Children are just a gift from God. Wealthy people have been deprived of children due to great power. The house of the weak is full of sons. Having children through the prayers of elders and saints is also a gift from God.

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