Asif Zardari withdraws ین 60 million from Swiss accounts, shocking revelation


ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk / NNI) – Dr. Shahid Masood, a senior journalist and analyst in a private TV program, has revealed that PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has withdrawn 60 60 million from his Swiss accounts. He said that now they will go to Switzerland behind Asif Zardari because if they go there and find out, then their question will be in which account there is money. Dr. Shahid Masood has said that according to me, neither Tareen nor N. Join the league and will not join the PPP

۔ On the other hand, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that the Broadsheet Commission of Inquiry has given orders to open Swiss accounts and has also started work on it. The case of the previous government will be reopened. Imran Khan is politically alive. I have no truth, rumors have no effect on Imran Khan, Putin and Trump are not believing, we are believing the election results, the fact that the PTI candidate in Daska by-election got more votes than the general election is proof of that. Imran Khan’s statement is alive, democracy has won in the by-elections of Daska, when two sides enter the arena, one wrestler has won, those who were misjudging Imran Khan’s votes must have been disappointed. Tomorrow’s election They say that in future elections in Punjab will be between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League-N. I can’t say how many seats they give to Maulana Fazlur Rehman in charity. Imran Khan has challenged all the mafia. And he is trying to get rid of the looters, Imran Khan himself to look into the issues related to inflation. During the month of Ramadan, there will be an effort to control looting. People who have been in the FIA ​​for many years will be sent to the places where they are being held, Rangers and Daska for making strong security arrangements. Congratulations to the police. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at a local hotel here on Sunday. Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the Broadsheet Commission also recommended opening of Swiss accounts, now the case of Swiss account will be reopened, the previous government gave 60 60 million on Swiss account issue, it was all our money. In a country where the Prophet is the Interior Minister. One should not even think that there can be any flexibility on this too. Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan’s dignity, honor and prophethood will be decided and a draft will be brought in the assembly. At the same time, he said that Prime Minister Imran had bluntly said that there would be no issue till the return of Article 370 from India. It is moving in the right direction, the rupee is strengthening against the dollar, work on two dams has started, Prime Minister Imran Khan will go to Gilgit-Baltistan and announce the package, inflation is being watched by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself, Prime Minister Imran Khan and The government will make every effort to control the mafia and looting in the month of Ramadan. The Federal Interior Minister said that Imran Khan has promised the nation that every thief will be held accountable, try to improve the conditions of the poor. Yes, Imran Khan is trying his best to get rid of the people who have looted in this country. Imran Khan has challenged all the mafias whether it is sugar mafia, flour mafia, ghee mafia or cotton mafia. Mafia, in politics, he is fighting all the people because of which the poor are crying for inflation today to control this inflation. Imran Khan is fighting the mafia. The Federal Home Minister said that the election of Daska is the first in my life which was held again in fifty days. It should be appreciated that this time peaceful elections were held in Daska. Daska lost the election by 12 thousand votes. Which means that if Asjad Malhi had taken 6,000 more votes, the work would have been equal. He said that in a situation where there was a peaceful election where 2 bodies had fallen before and PTI lost in this election. Sheikh Rashid said that we have to accept the decision of democracy. Sheikh Rashid said that we are believing that we have won the election even after losing in Kashmir because a large number of people have already voted for Asjad Malhi. In response to a question, he said that thank God that Allah gave Pakistan such a great army, otherwise the situation of Pakistan would not be less than countries like Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen, they are leading the country and He also has a slogan that we will be with any elected government in the country. He said that wherever I have gone, there are memorials of martyrs everywhere. The Federal Interior Minister said that the credit for installing barbed wire and fencing goes to the Pakistan Army for securing the borders. The border work with Iran has been completed 42 percent. Inshallah, the Afghan border will be completed by June 30. These people are not going anywhere. They are standing with Imran Khan. Usman Bazdar’s fort is strong. Imran Khan is standing with them. He said that we are lucky to have such an incompetent opposition. We found an opposition that is in opposition to each other, distributing lentils in shoes. The PTI’s manifesto is to play the role of watchdog and hold everyone accountable. Regarding the Daska election, the Home Minister said that one of the two wrestlers has always won. Democracy won the Daska election, the government won the Daska election even after losing. Replying to a question about Shehzad Akbar, Sheikh Rashid said that Shehzad Akbar is the Minister of Accountability, he is looking into issues related to Chinese scandal and money laundering. ۔ The FIA ​​is subordinate to me but let Shahzad Akbar do what he is doing. An organized campaign is being launched against him. He said that false news is circulating, Forough Naseem and I are both members of ECL and we have not signed anyone’s name to be included in ECL. I don’t know if some people have joined IL. The Federal Minister said that he was ready to talk to all including the Sindh government against corruption, electoral reforms and mafia. He said that NADRA and passport offices would be opened at the level of each tehsil.

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